Why Bend If You Can Tilt? Tilt Trays Boost Pick Rates & More!

Our carton flow tilt tray is a Mallard “plus” accessory that can be installed on the pick side of any Mallard carton flow system to enhance order picking rates and accuracy.

Cartons or totes are loaded into the system on the charge/load side and flow on slightly inclined wheel (or roller) beds toward the discharge end or pick face. As the carton nears the pick face it is nudged onto the tilt tray due to the angled flow lane and the advancing rear cartons. The pick face carton is now easier to identify and sits at a more ergonomically comfortable position for picking. The drop angle is completely customizable as is the shelf length.

The unique design of the tilt tray minimizes bending and reaching for the pickers, but also provides an additional safety feature that prevents the pick face item from pitching too far forward and out of the rack. It’s a perfect combination of engineering and design meeting a common warehousing need.

Carton flow tilt trays can be added to any Mallard carton flow system.


  • Better visibility to ensure picking accuracy
  • More ergonomic picking – less bending and reaching for order pickers
  • Easier “each” picking from boxes and totes
  • Custom sizes available
  • Fits any Mallard carton flow system


  • Customizable shelf lengths
  • Heavy-duty, galvanized steel