Safe, Efficient Empty Pallet Storage & Handling

Pallet flow rack seamlessly restocks pick face pallet locations in a variety of order fulfilment applications and pick modules… but what’s the best way to manage the empty pallets after all items have been picked? The answer – empty pallet return lanes used to streamline the storage and removal of empty pallets while improving worker safety and protecting the pallets from damage.

Here’s how they work:

Mallard Empty Pallet Return Lane Systems (EPRs) are reverse engineered pallet flow lanes that work just as effectively for empty pallets as they do for full pallets… just in reverse. When pallets are emptied at the pick face, the pallet is removed and placed on the EPR lane where it is returned to the opposite aisle. The EPR lanes are uniquely configured to meet your warehousing needs. Mallard offers both horizontal and vertical lane configurations as well as manual or forklift / pallet jack extraction of the empty pallets. Empty pallets arrive undamaged and ready for return or restocking.

Mallard offers four Empty Pallet Return Lane System options (see below for details):

  • Single Empty Pallet Return
  • Stacked Empty Pallet Return
  • Vertical Pallet Return
  • Double-Sided Vertical Pallet Return

Empty Pallet Return System Advantages

  • Improve pick area efficiency
  • Enhance worker safety
  • Protect pallets from damage
  • Increase restocking efficiency
  • Reduce pick aisle congestion

ERP 700 Design Considerations

  • Compatible with GMA, CHEP & plastic picture frame pallets
  • Designed for pallet flow case pick applications
  • Use with wheeled or roller pallet flow
  • Typically installed after the 4th – 5th pallet flow lane for optimal productivity