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4 Unique System Designs to Match with Any Picking Configuration

Order picking processes have several variables that need to be contained in order to meet desired efficiency levels and picking goals. Pallet flow seamlessly restocks pick faces but what about once the pallet has been picked?

Remove the lag time of dealing with empty pallet removal as well as the danger of employee injury and pallet damage with a pallet return lane system designed to fit within your pick area.

Our Empty Pallet Return Lane Systems are reverse engineered pallet flow lanes that work just as effectively for empty pallets as they do for full pallets… just in reverse.  Once the pallets are returned to the load end each system is designed for easy access to extract the pallet and place on forklift or pallet jack for restocking.

Mallard offers four Empty Pallet Return Lane System options:

  • Single Empty Pallet Return
  • Stacked Empty Pallet Return
  • Vertical Pallet Return
  • NEW Double-Sided Vertical Pallet Return

Single Empty Pallet Return– is a simply designed lane of inverse pallet flow rails used to flow one single empty pallet at a time from the pick face back to the load end.

Empty Pallet Return Lane Pallet Flow RackStacked Empty Pallet Return – The EPR-700 series pallet separator provides an extra measure of safety and efficiency when accessing empty pallets in a return lane.  It is used to stack and hold back several empty pallets. Once 5-6 pallets are accumulated, they are released to flow back to the load side using a manual hand release.

EPR-700 Series Pallet Separator Advantages:

  • Allows stacked empty pallets to be returned from the work station
  • Placed typically every 4-5 pallet flow bays for quick easy access/removal
  • Used with skate wheel, Magnum wheel and split-roller tracks
  • Manually operated

Vertical Pallet Return – This space saving option uses a narrow flow lane to collect and flow a single pallet on its side. Pallets are manually extracted to the forklift or pallet jack for restocking. Heavy-duty lane rollers and steel skate wheels combine to provide smooth, consistent, controlled flow.  Bolt-on ramp stops hold the pallet in the lane for removal.

NEW Double-Sided Vertical Pallet Return – For high volume picking operations this double-sided vertical pallet return provides twice the empty pallet return volume in no more space than a standard single lane pallet return. Our double-sided empty pallet return lane system is manufactured with the same sturdy rollers and wheels as our single system for long life usage in busy warehouse environments.

Advantages of Double-Sided Vertical Pallet Return:

  • Collect and flow 2 pallets at once in a space-saving, vertical flow lane
  • Free-up space for additional pick or storage lanes
  • No pallet hold/release needed – pallets flow gently to the load aisle
  • Ergonomic design – easy to lift even wooden pallets on their side to the return flow lane
  • Heavy-duty, bolt-on ramp stops keep pallets in place until extraction from lane
  • Pallets are easily manually extracted to the forklift or pallet jack for restocking

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