pallet jack unload ramp for pallet flow rackSave Time and Steps in Picking and Staging Areas

There are two great tools you can use for more efficient product staging.  The first will help you optimize space, manage inventory and reduce forklift use and travel time – floor mounted pallet flow lanes.  The 2nd is the nimble, fast, affordable pallet jack that can quickly navigate its way on and off a delivery truck and back to the staging lanes. The challenge – traditional pallet jacks can’t be used in conjunction with pallet flow lanes because their outriggers can’t lift to the proper elevation to handle the pallet  (as in the forklift).  That is until now, using Mallard’s Pallet Jack Access Ramp.

The pallet jack access ramp enables the pallet jacks to drive up the ramp to load and unload pallets.  Ramps are constructed with heavy-duty galvanized material with “textured grip” surface to prevent pallet jacks from accessing the system too quickly or the operator slipping while entering or extracting the pallet.  Simple solution… quick, easy and affordable execution.

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How Pallet Flow and Pallet Rack Access Ramps Improve Efficiencies in Pallet Staging…

  • Reduces the number of forklifts and operators vs. bulk stacking
  • Provides better space utilization – fewer aisles needed
  • Reduces travel time – vehicles travel to staging lanes vs. direct to dock or storage rack
  • Maintains proper (FIFO) inventory rotation – critical for dated goods and food products
  • Eliminates chaos and congestion in dock area by separating truck staging and put-away
  • Provide quick, easy access to flow lanes for use with pallet jacks vs.forklifts

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Pallet Jack Access Ramp for Pallet Flow