Optimize Inventory Flow for Picking and Staging Areas

The Mallard pallet jack access ramp bridges the divide between floor-mounted pallet flow and the pallet jack. The pallet jack access ramp allows pallet jacks to be driven up to meet the elevation of a pallet flow lane in order to load or unload a pallet. Consider dock staging using pallet flow and a pallet jack vs bulk stacking and forklifts. Pallet flow is simply a better tool than bulk stacking for optimizing floor space and managing inventory and processing costs. And the pallet jack is much more nimble, fast and affordable than a forklift. The combination of the two increases safety and efficiency while reducing costs at the dock.

Pallet jack access ramps are a proprietary Mallard product. Ramps are manufactured using a heavy-duty galvanized material and then “textured” to provide a grip surface that prevents pallet jacks from accessing the pallet flow lane too quickly and providing the operator with protection against slipping while entering or extracting a pallet.


  • Reduce equipment & labor vs. bulk stacking
  • Maximize floor space – fewer aisles needed
  • Reduce travel time
  • Support (FIFO) inventory rotation
  • Eliminates chaos and congestion in dock area


  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Textured surface prevents slipping
  • Customizable to match pallet flow lane configuration