Mallard’s case-pick separator holds and locks rear pallets a comfortable 4-6” behind the front pallet allowing cases to be picked and the empty pallet safely removed before releasing rear pallets to index forward.

Case-pick separator for pallet flow lanes - Mallard ManufacturingCP-100 Series Advantages

  • Isolates front pallet/eliminates back pressure
  • Provides more efficient order picking
  • Allows safe removal of empty front pallet
  • Ideal for 2-4 deep picking applications
  • Can be used with all wheeled applications (skate wheel, Magnum wheel)
  • Foot operated manual pallet release

 Design Considerations

  • Requires an additional 4-6” to overall depth
  • Speed controllers required for 3-4 deep applications
  • Requires a center rail next to the separator to prevent pallets from sagging
  • Not to be used with forklifts

More Case-Pick Separator Photos

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a 3D video animation is the best way to tell this story. Watch our quick video to see how the case-pick separator works with all of its built-in advantages – efficient, case selection with easy, ergonomic empty pallet removal – thanks to the pallet hold-back device.  Take a look!

Case Pick Pallet Separator CS100

More Case-Pick Separator illustrations