Mallard’s Forklift Separator is an automatic pallet release that engages as the front pallet is extracted by the forklift, allowing the rear pallets to gently index forward and again lock into place. Isolating the front pallet and removing rear pallet forces is even more critical at higher elevations where forklift mast capacity is reduced.

Forklift Pallet Flow Rack Separator FL300FL-300 Series Advantages

  • Increases productivity by allowing easier forklift/pallet handling
  • Improves forklift and operator safety by eliminating rear forces
  • Designed for deep-lane, multi-level pallet flow systems
  • Ideal for systems up to 10-deep
  • Can be used with all track types – wheel and roller
  • Automatic separator reset

Design Considerations

  • Requires an additional 12” to lane depth

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Fork Lift Pallet Flow Rack Separator FL 300 Illustration

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