Layer picking uses specialized material handling equipment to select multiple cases, or the entire carton layer, at one time, thus increasing pick rates reducing manual labor costs. Mallard’s LP-400 pallet separator is used within the layer pick pallet flow system to separate the front pallet until all cases are selected, allowing safe manual removal of the empty pallet.

Layer pick pallet flow rack separator

LP-400 Series Advantages

Ideal up to 4-deep layer pick applications with speed controllers

  • Used with specialized material handling equipment
  • No manual case-pick
  • Automatic separator reset
  • Can be used with all track types

Design Considerations

  • Larger gap required (18”-24”) depending on type of layer picker
  • Split rail needed at both ends for full roller option to prevent damage
  • Additional forklift training needed
  • Empty front pallet must be removed slowly triggering rear pallet release
  • Minimal slope

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Layer Pick Pallet Flow Rack Separator LP-400 Illustration

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