Ergo Cell Technology Boosts Ergonomic, Efficient Order Selection

Ergo Cell is an ergonomic pallet lift table designed to work within pallet flow, case-pick applications. Pneumatic controls are used to elevate the front pallet on the lift table creating a comfortable range of motion for order selection, (a.k.a. the Golden Zone), while preventing repetitive injuries and improving picking rates.

The Ergo Cell isolates the front pallet while triggering two sets of pop-up pallet separators to hold back the subsequent pallets. This allows for easier case selection and removal of empty pallets without the weight or back pressure of rear pallets. The rear pallets advance only when released by the pneumatic pop-ups are triggered on the control box. The lift table is automatically replenished from the reserve pallets stored in the pallet flow lane.

Ergo Cell is a proprietary technology developed by Mallard engineers for high-volume fulfillment of heavy cases or cartons picked from pallets. Ideal for beverage, auto parts, hardware and equipment, and more where orders often contain full cartons of a few different SKUs and the product is heavy or cumbersome.

Ergo Cell Separator Advantages

  • Supports ergonomic case picking
  • Eliminates back pressure of rear pallets
  • Isolates empty pallet for easy removal
  • Protects workers from repetitive injuries
  • Cost-effective vs. powered conveyor

PS 500 Design Considerations

  • Compatible with GMA, CHEP and PECO pallets
  • Use pallets with cross boards and voids in bottom
  • Fail-safe pneumatic controls
  • Air pop-up controls hold back 2-5 pallets (3-6 deep)
  • Rear cylinder must be allowed to enter beneath pallet to capture and provide separation