For Ergonomic Order Selection

Ergo-Cell Pallet Separator Pallet Flow Rack Mallard

The PS-500 series uses pneumatic controls to isolate the last pallet in a flow system on to a lift table as shown or allows the transfer of the last pallet to a mobile cart/tugger system.

Mallard’s Ergo Cell is an ergonomic pallet lift table designed to work within a pallet flow case-pick application. The pneumatic  devices allows the last pallet to be singulated onto a lift table which allows the table to raise or lower to a comfortable (GOLDEN ZONE) order-picking height, increasing picking efficiency and preventing repetitive injuries.

See the Ergo Cell in Action



  • Designed for comfortable, efficient order picking
  • Isolates loads at discharge to eliminate back pressure – allows operator to remove empty pallets manually
  • Reduces worker injuries
  • Extremely economical solution vs. powered conveyor


  • Failsafe pneumatic controls
  • Air pop-up controls hold back 2-5 pallets (3-6 deep)
  • Compatible with GMA, CHEP and PECO pallets

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Ergo-Cell Pallet Separator Pallet Flow Rack Illustration

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