For Ergonomic Order Selection

Ergo-Cell Pallet Separator Pallet Flow Rack Mallard

The PS-500 series uses pneumatic controls to isolate the last pallet in a flow system onto a lift table (as shown in the video below) or allows the transfer of the last pallet to a mobile cart/tugger system.

Mallard’s Ergo Cell is an ergonomic pallet lift table designed to work within a pallet flow case-pick application. The pneumatic device isolates the last pallet by triggering pallet separators to hold back the rear pallets once the lift table position is filled.  The last pallet is now easily raised or lowered using the pneumatic controls to a comfortable (GOLDEN ZONE) order-picking height… increasing picking efficiency and preventing repetitive injuries.  The rear pallets advance only when released by triggering the pneumatic device and the separators ensure that only one pallet at a time occupies the lift table.

See the Ergo Cell in Action

Ergo-Cell Pallet Lift Table Mallard Manufacturing


  • Designed for comfortable, efficient order picking
  • Isolates loads at discharge to eliminate back pressure – allows operator to remove empty pallets manually
  • Reduces worker injuries
  • Extremely economical solution vs. powered conveyor


  • Fail-safe pneumatic controls
  • Air pop-up controls hold back 2-5 pallets (3-6 deep)
  • Compatible with GMA, CHEP and PECO pallets

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Ergo-Cell Pallet Separator Pallet Flow Rack Illustration

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