Mobile, Expandable Pallet Flow Staging…  Where & When You Need It

Mallard’s unique pallet flow innovation- Extend-a-Rail and Extend-a-Rail HD provides a cost-effective solution for instant FIFO pallet flow rack storage where and when it’s needed. Extend-a-Rail delivers measurable productivity improvements and labor savings by reducing travel time.

As you can see from the video animation above, Extend-a-Rail rolls into place as a compact, telescoping unit that expands into a dense, push-assisted pallet flow lane… up to 10 pallets deep! Once locked into place and fully extended, pallets are loaded on one end and walked/pushed along the durable wheeled tracks to the opposite end for forklift extraction. After all pallets are removed, the lane folds back into place for storage or to be moved to the next activity area.


  • Retractable design offers a variety of lengths
  • Feet lock into place to brace and stabilize
  • Light, yet rugged rails ensure easy transport
  • Anti-backup devices can be used to prevent pallets from shifting
  • Flip-down handle – easy to move/fold for compact storage


  • Creates mobile, expandable pallet staging
  •  Allows flexible use of storage, assembly or dock areas
  • Saves labor costs by reducing travel time
  • Improves speed & efficiency of warehouse activity
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and easy to transport