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High-volume, case picking from floor-mounted pallet flow is made safe and efficient with the Mallard Flex Separator (FS 200). The flex separator is mounted in the pallet flow lane to hold and lock rear pallets a comfortable 4” to 6” behind the front pallet. That small separation between the front pallet and the rear pallets, removes the back pressure of the rear pallets that would otherwise rest upon the front pallet.

Why is removing back pressure important?

Back pressure is approximately 6% of the full weight of all rear pallets combined. As an example:

  • 5-deep pallet flow system with 2,500 lb. pallet loads
    Back pressure = .06 x 2,500 lbs. x 4 pallets = 600 lbs.
  • 19-deep pallet flow system with 2,500 lb. pallet loads
    Back pressure = .06 x 2,500 lbs. x 19 pallets = 2,850 lbs.

In a deep-lane pallet flow configuration, the weight of the back pressure makes it extremely difficult and dangerous for an individual to lift and remove the front pallet once it has been emptied of inventory. With the back pressure removed, and the front pallet isolated, the front pallet is easily lifted out. Rear pallets are released to index forward with a simple foot-operated latch and the front pallet is once again automatically isolated to start the process over again. Simple, efficient, safe & economical solution for floor-level case picking.

FS-200 Series Advantages

  • Eliminates rear forces for floor-mounted, pallet flow case-picking operations
  • Recommended for 3-8 deep case-picking applications
  • Compatible with all Mallard pallet flow track types – wheeled and roller
  • Foot-operated pallet release

Design Considerations

  • Requires an additional 12” to overall depth
  • Speed controllers required
  • Separator is mounted next to center rail with wheeled systems