Flanged Wheel Carton Flow Ideal for Totes and Deep-Lane Systems

Flo-Guide flanged wheel carton flow is designed to provide full-lane guidance for cartons, cases and totes from load aisle to pick face. Mallard’s patented design cradles the inventory as it flows in the lane to ensure proper tracking and consistent, smooth flow. No need for additional lane guides even in deep and very-deep lane systems.

Designed for a variety of weights, Flo-Guide can accommodate light-duty (under 40 lb. loads) or heavy-duty (greater than 40 lb. loads) applications – a good fit for fragile inventory such as candy or totes filled with auto parts (see below for test video examples).

Flo-Guide carton flow rails are comprised of specialty ABS flanged wheels that can be set in multiple configurations to customize the application specific to the size of the carton, case or tote.


  • Specialty ABS wheels improve flow
  • Flanged wheels track/segregate inventory by lane
  • Customizable configurations
  • Large flowing surface
  • No additional lane guided needed even in deep lane systems


  • Standard applications – medium-duty ABS roller
  • Heavy-duty applications – 6/6 nylon and ESD material rollers
  • Light-duty (under 40 lbs.)
  • Heavy-duty (+40 lbs.)