Ideal for ALL Pallet Racking System Types

Mallard’s full roller pallet flow rack is by far the most flexible type of pallet flow, ideal for users who have a variety of pallet sizes and warehousing footprints. Today’s vendors frequently change pallet configurations in an effort to lower equipment and shipping costs; in turn distributors have to quickly adjust systems. Mallard’s full width pallet rack roller lanes are ideal for this situation. As pallet configurations change, the system design will remain reliable.

Similar applications that require additional capacity are better suited for spit roller pallet flow rack. Heavier pallets can cause minor deflection in full width rollers which could negatively impact flow. Split roller is also ideal for extra-wide, unwieldy loads. The number and spacing of flow rails is dependent on the dimensions and weight of the load.

All full and split Roller pallet flow rack designs are engineered and built to the highest standards, using heavy-duty bearings, axles, tube, and side channel. Both are designed with maintenance in mind, so if damage occurs, replacement components can easily be installed.


  • Accommodates all pallet sizes
  • Adaptable to all major manufacturers’ rack
  • Custom mounting brackets for secure, low-profile, or heavy-duty use
  • Minimal maintenance


  • Rollers available: 1.4”/1.9”/2.5” diameter
  • Typical Axles: 5/16” round, 7/16” hex
  • Capacities range from 90# to 350# per roller
  • Between frame dimensions range from 4”-60”