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Take a look at our redesigned Gravity Conveyor web page including our new product as well as expanded, detailed product descriptions and images – making it easier to understand the advantages and uses of each Mallard gravity conveyor type and to identify the right conveyor for your needs.  Images link to individual product pages for each conveyor type to find more detailed advantages and specifications.  Stay tuned – we plan to add more 3D illustrations and detailed accessory pages shortly.

skate wheel conveyorWe are introducing our third product in this category, Skate Wheel Gravity Conveyor.  You will find skate wheel to be an extremely economical and flexible conveyance product for lightweight temporary or permanent product movement.

Gravity conveyor systems are designed for non-powered conveyance typically used for truck off-loading, tote or carton sorting, assembly or fulfillment areas. Sections of the conveyor can be level for push-assisted applications or minimally sloped to allow gravity to do the work.  Gravity conveyors are the least expensive conveyor option and have the added benefits of being easy to install, efficient and requiring minimal maintenance.

Mallard gravity conveyors are an affordable and reliable way to keep light to medium weight products, cartons, totes, cases, skids and even drums moving in your storage, assembly and shipping areas. We offer three types of gravity conveyor products:

  • Skate wheel conveyor
  • 1 3/8” diameter conveyor
  • 9” diameter conveyor

Skate Wheel Gravity Conveyor

Our newest addition to the gravity conveyor lskat ewheel - TCindustrial Supply Canadaine, skate wheel conveyor is used to convey lightweight products in standalone and temporary applications as well as within system solutions. The skate wheel conveyor is an economical system that allows for multi-channel configurations to best suit flat-bottomed, sturdy items. The system can be mounted floor-level or as part of gravity flow racks.


  • Differential wheel action provides product orientation
  • Straights, curves and spurs require minimum pitch
  • Multiple sizes and configurations
  • Available in aluminum and galvanized steel wheels and frames

Mallard Roller Gravity Conveyorsroller-conveyor-1125x1140-250x250

1 3/8” diameter roller conveyor is used in integrated systems or temporary operations to transport lightweight products. The conveyor is very adaptable.


  • Lightweight conveyor solves many conveyor challenges
  • Conveys medium to heavy product with a minimum amount of pitch
  • Multiple sizes and configurations
  • Good support for irregular bottom surfaces
  • Available in aluminum and galvanized steel rollers and frames

1.9” diameter roller conveyors are used in permanent installations in a variety of light to medium-duty applications in manufacturing, assembly and distribution. Multiple bearing and frame configurations are available to help you meet your system requirements.

AGravity Roller Conveyordvantages:

  • Medium-duty conveyor serves multiple applications
  • Multiple sizes and configurations
  • Easily configured to solve conveying challenges
  • Good support for irregular bottom surfaces
  • Ergonomic frame designs

Gravity Conveyor Accessories

1.9 rollerAs with other Mallard gravity flow lines, we have an extensive line of gravity conveyor accessories all available to integrate with multiple conveyor types, including: permanent and temporary supports, guard rail options, stops, gates and other custom accessories upon request.

The images to the left show a 1.9″ diameter gravity conveyor section with Mallard’s roll-over pick frame – rounded edges won’t catch cartons, totes or hands for smooth, efficient order selection. The example also features our “H” supports for light to medium duty gravity conveyor applications.

When you give us a call to discuss your conveyance needs, here are some items we will review with you to help us design your gravity conveyor system:

  • Product dimensions
  • Product weight
  • Product throughput
  • Product variability
  • Surrounding environment



We look forward to taking your call!

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