Gravity Conveyor Lift Gate - Mallard ManufacturingGravity conveyor rack is useful in a variety of warehousing applications. It’s an affordable and reliable method of moving cartons and totes for in-processing, order fulfillment, assembly, shipping, and more. And now, thanks to some clever engineering and a pair of hydraulic lift cylinders, your gravity conveyor rack can be installed in more places without disrupting (and even improving) your personnel traffic flow.

Our newly designed lift gate can be easily installed to allow workers to safely pass through the conveyor line. This configuration opens up the opportunity to better utilize your warehouse footprint for order picking, machine operation, shipping, etc.

Watch our step-by-step installation video:

Gravity Conveyor Lift Gate - Mallard Manufacturing

New Gravity Conveyor Lift Gate Features

  • Comes ready to assemble
  • All required fastening bolts are included
  • Equipped on both sides with a lift handle & release lever for easy access
  • Safety locking mechanism holds gate up until manually released
  • Hydraulic cylinders assist in raising and lowering the gate
  • Handle & release lever painted safety yellow for easy identification

 Gravity Conveyor Lift Gate – Easy as 1, 2, 3

Gravity Conveyor Lift Gate - Mallard Manufacturing

Gravity flow sections can be level for push-assisted applications or minimally sloped to harness the power of gravity to flow the materials. Our gravity flow products are available in aluminum or galvanized steel rollers and frames.

Mallard Gravity Conveyor Rack

  • 1 3/8” roller
  • 1.9” roller
  • Steel Skate wheel

Want design ideas for more efficient inventory and order processing flow? Call the Mallard gravity flow experts for system specs, testing, and a quote.