Mallard Pallet Flow Pick ModuleA pick module combines warehouse racking systems such as carton flow and pallet flow, selective pallet rack and conveyor to move products from receiving, to order selection, to shipping via a dynamic and interconnected system.  Mallard gravity flow rack products are mainstays in pick module configurations throughout the U.S.

A carefully designed pick module creates efficient high-volume case picking by consolidating a large number of SKUs in a relatively small warehouse footprint.  Pick modules can increase SKU capacity by up to 50% while increasing efficiency and reducing travel times.

Mallard Manufacturing offers a number of different carton flow, pallet flow and gravity conveyor products to accommodate your product mix and order fulfillment needs within your pick module, such as:

Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow Racking Mallard Manufacturing

Mallard has a diverse and flexible line of carton flow products that will help optimize each picks, as well as carton and tote order picks for either consistent or varied carton sizes.  All carton flow tracks and beds are low maintenance and manufactured to last in the busiest warehouse environments.

What Does Carton Flow Bring to Pick Module Optimization?

  • Improve productivity: Quicker, accurate picking with cartons at the aisle face
  • Save Space: Up to 50% vs static racking and shelving
  • Increase pick locations: Up to 40 locations per bay
  • Decrease labor costs: Save up to 75% in labor
  • Ergonomic, safe order selection: Easy access to all SKUs
  • Environmentally efficient: Condensed footprint saves energy and lighting

Pallet Flow Racking

Mallard Pallet Flow Rack Systems CollageFull pallet reserve storage for high-volume case-pick applications can be supplied within a pick module with pallet flow rack.  Pallet flow optimizes space with a deep-lane capacity while still providing easy access to all pallets from the pick face.  Space optimization also means increased productivity and less travel time for load and pick.

What Does Pallet Flow Bring to Pick Module Optimization?

  • Maximize storage capacity: Close to double the storage in the same footprint of selective rack
  • Increase throughput: Less travel with consolidated picking and replenishment
  • Decrease equipment costs: Few forklifts needed
  • Reduce labor expense: Less forklift travel and pallet handling
  • Better inventory control: Ideal for dated and/or perishable goods

Empty pallet removal can easily be designed into your pick module: 

EPR 700 Empty Pallet Return Mallard ManufacturingMallard empty pallet return lanes are ergonomic and efficient for getting your empty pallets back to the load side of the system for easy, safe forklift access and removal. Different configurations are available to fit seamlessly into your pick module design:

  • Single empty pallet return: Manually remove and place on lift truck or extract with a forklift
  • Stacked empty pallet return: Pallet separator holds back several empty pallets until manually released to flow back to load side for extraction

 Gravity Conveyor

Heavy-gauge galvanized steel rollers are manufactured to support a variety of load requirements including uneven or awkward containers.  Ball bearing are permanently lubricated to maximize life and minimize jams.  Use as part of the pick module or for stand-alone temporary order fulfillment.

What Does Gravity Flow Bring to Pick Module Optimization?Mallard Manufacturing Gravity Conveyor

  • Affordable and reliable way to move materials from point A to point B.
  • Receiving, processing, order fulfillment, staging, assembly and loading docks
  • Position flat for push-assisted applications or minimally sloped to flow with gravity
  • Unique roll-over frame design protects workers from injury from sharp edges and protects rollers from impact and debris