As you probably know all too well, warehouse labor costs can account for up to 65% of distribution center operating budgets and are often the most difficult to manage due to injuries, workman’s comp and productivity losses. In 2012 alone, there were almost 3 million workplace injuries reported in the US, resulting in compensation claims, lost time and lost productivity. Traditional order picking techniques – repetitive bending, stretching and straining to pick cases from the floor level or up into pallet rack, account for a large majority of these injuries in the warehouse.

See the Ergo Cell in Action

See the Ergo Cell in Action

In addition, warehouse and distribution center operators are under mounting pressure to control and reduce costs, increase pick rates and improve customer satisfaction.  Mallard’s Ergo Cell  can help! Ergo-Cell is an ergonomic pallet lift table designed to work within pallet flow case picking applications.  Pneumatic controls are used to elevate the front pallet on the lift table creating a comfortable range of motion for order selection, preventing repetitive injuries and improving picking rates.  Operators can easily remove empty pallets from the lift table with the weight or pressure of subsequent pallets.


  • Designed for comfortable, safe and efficient order picking
  • Isolates loads at discharge to eliminate back pressure
  • Reduces worker injuries
  • Extremely economical vs. powered conveyor
  • Fail safe pneumatic controls

The Ergo Cell     

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