We all know what Times Square looks like as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve… it’s an image locked in our memory banks. Using that same concept, Mallard spent much of 2017 capturing our gravity flow storage solutions in animated videos to best illustrate their uses, function, and simplicity. Now customers can easily visualize how these products work best for them. We shared 6 of these videos with you during the year, but here they are together for a quick refresher, or in case you missed one…

Mallard Animations

 Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow  Dyna-Flow HD Carton Flow  Keg Flow Storage
 Case-Pick Pallet Flow Separator  Layer Pick Pallet Flow Separator Ergo Cell Pneumatic Separator

Mallard M-Elevations

In addition to our 3D animated videos, we took a new look at our carton flow rack proposals and expanded our schematics to include two new views. Our M-elevations for carton flow rack are proprietary engineering drawings that help customers visualize new carton flow applications and their function within existing or planned material handling systems… all prior to ordering. In 2017 we added:

  1. System Interface Views – which detail selective pallet rack positioning above the planned carton flow design. Most useful for order picking and reserve storage load/retrieval planning.
  2. Plan View Drawings – provide a “bird’s-eye” view of the gravity flow/pallet racking system within the warehousing footprint.

So, hopefully you are seeing the Mallard products better, but don’t look away or you just might miss this new product as it zips past…

The NEW Extend-a-Rail

In 2017 we “expanded” on our engineered applications product line with the new Extend-a-Rail – mobile, expandable pallet flow staging wherever you need it.  Extend-a-Rail offers a cost-effective solution for instant, mobile FIFO pallet flow rack storage; ideal for dock staging, assembly and wave-picking applications. Extend-a-Rail rolls into place as a compact, telescoped unit that expands into a dense, push-assisted lane up to 10-pallets deep.

We also quickly rolled out Extend-a-Rail HD for heavy-duty applications up to 2000 lbs. per pallet. Check out our blog.


  • Heavy-duty wheels and rugged bearings
  • Expandable and retractable – up to 10 pallet positions
  • Flip-down handle for easy to move and fold for storage
  • Feet lock in-place to brace and stabilize the unit
  • Light, yet rugged aluminum rails ensure easy transport
  • Anti-backup devices prevent pallet from shifting backwards

MORE Pallet Flow & Carton Flow Accessories

As we often say… “the devil is in the detail”, and it’s certainly an adage we live by when developing new accessories that improve the performance of our pallet flow and carton flow rack products and help our clients customize their systems for the ideal application fit.  Here are a few of the new 2017 accessories and the blogs we posted to share the details…

  • Heavy-Duty Bolt-On Ramp Stop – The pallet flow ramp stop easily bolts onto pallet flow rack lanes to prevent heavy pallets from pitching forward out of the flow lane as it arrives at the pick face.  The new bolted vs. welded design enables warehousing staff to quickly replace damaged stops and accomplish faster, cheaper, lane re-configurations. Check out our blog for more.
  • Extra-Tall Full-Lane Carton Flow Divider – Where there’s a need… we find a way! Here’s the story of a Mallard carton flow accessory created specifically to help an industrial products distributor handle tall, awkward cartons. Read the blog for more.
  • Tote-Flow Gravity Conveyor Separator – We’ve talked a lot recently about our pneumatic pallet flow separators. See how this technology is adapted for ergonomic case picking from gravity conveyor.
  • The NEW SlimFit Carton Flow Lane Guide – This one may sound familiar as our latest addition to Mallard’s accessory line.  In case you missed it… here’s a link to the blog.

Check out our complete line of pallet flow and carton flow accessories.

Your Pallet Spec

We know – this isn’t a new product innovation or nifty pallet flow or carton flow application, but this blog IS a Mallard 2017 highlight as one of the most read and shared blogs on the Mallard website.  If pallet configuration seems like a no-brainer, we urge you to take a look at “Bottom’s Up” – Defining the Most Critical Pallet Spec for Optimal Pallet Flow … this is a chance to see pallet configuration from the perspective of a Mallard gravity flow engineer, and we bet you’ll be surprised.

Thank you for joining us one last time in 2017… for old time’s sake. We hope that we’ve provided useful tips and user information to make your lives a little easier and your warehousing needs more efficient. As gravity flow specialists we are available to review your warehousing storage and order fulfillment challenges to see if things could flow easier with a gravity flow solution. Just give us a call and we’ll take a look. Happy 2018!

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