West Coast is in the house! Now you may think that Mallard’s Director of Business Development -West chooses sand and surf over the majestic beauty of the Midwest, but he’s really just being practical. “It has nothing to do with weather, I just believe you have to be close to the customer, on call and on site when needed” he says.  Hmm? Well we are sure of one thing and that is that he’s a busy guy and we’re glad to have him on board! Here’s an inside look at Steve’s busy day and some of the things he enjoys outside of work…

A Typical Day at Mallard

I start my day, whether at my home office or whatever city I’m in visiting customers, by checking email. I respond to the messages that I can immediately. Then I look at my schedule for the day and determine what new work and leftover items I can get done before I have to leave for meetings. Usually by this time I am starting to make and receive phone calls to touch base with customers about past and current projects I can help with. Mixed in with those calls are emails and more calls setting up future travel and meetings. I typically set my meeting schedule so that I have time before and after to respond to urgent requests for quotes or information. My day ends when the tasks that I can get done are completed, and those that I can’t finish get reminders for attention the next day.


Steve’s Favorite Things

  • Spending time with my family, especially my two grandchildren.
  • Picking spots for photo expeditions with my wife and driving there in our convertible.
  • I am an eclectic reader from suspense and horror, to history, politics and economics.
  • Being finished with the day’s exercise!

Why Mallard?

I was a customer of Mallard prior to working here. I was a big fan of the people I worked with, and the products they represented. When the opportunity arose to work with these people, and to represent these products I was excited.  Being at Mallard has reinforced that feeling every day.