Growers and manufacturers, wholesale distributors, grocers and restaurants… the Foodservice Industry is the pipeline that feeds us all.  Thousands of accounts ordering tens of thousands of items that must be handled according to strict sanitary and safety codes… that is what our customers deal with every day.

Magnum High Denisty Pallet Flow
Deep Lane Pallet Flow

Next week we will be attending the annual IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference in Tampa, Florida and besides enjoying some sunshine we’ll be there to offer economical and adaptable pallet flow, carton flow and gravity conveyor solutions for whatever challenges our foodservice friends bring to us.

In general, gravity flow as a material handling solution is durable, efficient and non-reliant on an external power sources.
In addition to those attributes, gravity flow can be installed in any warehouse climate and can be designed to meet sanitary conditions.   It supports a FIFO product inventory rotation and does not require specialized machinery to access the system.

Pallet Flow:

Pallet flow racking is a gravity flow solution for moving whole pallets and/or for staging case picking in a pick module for example.  Pallet flow racking keeps warehousing traffic moving by using separately dedicated load and pick aisles.   It is an efficient dense storage solution for storing up to 6-8 pallets deep or it can be designed for shallow, pick module replenishment.  Pallet flow racking can be installed in either roll-formed or structural steel racking.

Floor mounted pallet flow can be used for standard pallets in the pick area or at the dock for faster, more efficient truck loading.

Flex Separator Pallet Separator
Flex Separator

Pallet Separators:

Pallet separators are designed to prevent excess pressure on the pick-face pallet from the rear pallets. Pallet separators hold back the rear pallets so that the front pallet can be safely off-loaded without the rear pallets advancing which prevents potential damage to stored products as well as worker injury. Depending on the pallet separator required for the system, the rear pallets will either automatically reset or require a simple foot release.  Several different types of pallet separators are available from the Mallard product line to suit individual warehousing needs.

Pick-Modules & Carton Flow:

Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow
Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow

Carton flow is a gravity flow solution designed to specifically handle cases, totes and each items.  Like pallet flow, carton flow is manufactured to handle rigorous warehouse pick demand without constant maintenance and downtime and yet flexible enough to adjust for demand fluctuations and SKU & packaging changes.

The proliferation of SKUs in the foodservice industry is here to stay.  The public demand for more, new and varied falls back on the manufacturer but they depend on you, the distributors to make it all come together.  We can help.  Our gravity flow experts have decades of experience designing and redesigning systems that help our customers meet their throughput goals and maintain costs to do so.  Give us a challenge and let’s see how what we can do for you.

Meet us at booth #240 at the IFDA in Tampa or give us a call today!

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