Looking for the silver lining

There are so many ways to look back at the year that has been 2020. We started the year with great hope and optimism and proceeded to face unexpected challenges all year through. However, we have been able to witness something quite extraordinary this past year and it has guided us from one month to the next, and through each challenge. It’s what we will call the silver lining.

The tens of thousands of individuals who each play a vital role within the Supply Chain accepted the same mission… to focus. As each day passed, we all got to work meeting daily deadlines, planning for tomorrow’s needs, and, yes, focusing on future expectations. The Mallard team joined our dealers, integrators, suppliers, and customers to keep everything rolling and deliver for those in need of the goods we all supply.

That silver lining is a thread through what we do, and it connects us, particularly this holiday season. As you see silver strands of holiday decorations this season, we hope it gives you encouragement to know that what you do matters and that what you have done is appreciated.

Thank You, and please know it is our pleasure to serve you and to serve with you.