Each season is special, but there’s just something about Fall that resonates with the Mallard team. Fall makes us look at things differently. Simple green summer leaves now capture our attention with their color-changing beauty. Perfect summer flowers are substituted with the uniqueness of fall gourds and even the ever-changing weather keeps us on our toes.

That’s the Mallard way all year through. We look at something we’ve seen a million times before and yet, we explore new ways to use it. We prepare for change and experiment with what’s new and what’s not so new. We solve challenges thrown our way.

We can do all these things thanks to our dealers and customers. You make it all possible for us to do what we do, and we want to offer our sincerest Thank You.

In that spirit of Thankfulness, we have once again made a donation, on behalf of our team to our local Twin Cities PADS Homeless Shelter. Twin Cities is a worthy charity that works hard to support those in need on a daily basis.

PADS stands for Public Action to Deliver Shelter. This organization provides an invaluable service to Mallard’s home city of Sterling, IL and surrounding areas as an emergency shelter and entry point to other needed outreach programs. If you’d like to make a personal donation, you can contact Twin Cities PADS Shelter directly at (815)626-2210 or http:://www.twincitiespads.org/

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

The Mallard Team

1-800-243-6694 US Only