Welcome back to our “Mallard MeetUp” series where we highlight the impressive individuals within our dedicated team of gravity flow professionals.

You may not have met Tony before, but if you have seen any of the hundreds of testing lab videos on our YouTube channel or within our weekly blogs, then you know Tony’s work! Tony is in charge of the in-house Engineering Testing Lab here at Mallard. The lab is where we test our customers’ products in our flow lanes to ensure the systems will meet their needs. Today however, we’re turning the spotlight off of the pallet and carton flow lanes to focus on the man behind the camera.

Once again, and without further ado, here’s Tony Wade…

What does Tony have to say about…

A Typical Day @ Mallard:

I evaluate and test customer pallets on our flow systems. I take photos of the pallets and note any issues with the pallets that could cause unreliable flow. I then do a flow test on the suggested system while I video and document all the testing.

From there I upload a customized YouTube video for the customer and create a Pallet Evaluation Form and a Flow Test Form to describe the testing in detail. Along with that I also test totes and carton flow products on our carton flow rack.

We also review returned items that need to be evaluated for one reason or another.

Tony’s Favorite Things:

  • My children, Donovan and Cassidy, are my world
  • My Dutch Shepard, Rocko, keeps me entertained every day
  • My family and parents are the best one man could ask for
  • Camping and the outdoors
  • Genuine love for cooking
  • I’ve been a musician for 20 years playing in gigging bands behind my drum set

Best Part of the Mallard Team:

I really like my work environment and coworkers. I also enjoy the challenge of making a flow system work with inventory or pallets that might be considered impossible to flow. I have worked in several different jobs here at Mallard. I was part of the construction team that built offices and additions to our facility during a growth period. I also worked for 3 years in Maintenance working hand-in-hand with Production and Research & Development streamlining the building process. Eventually, I landed in the Engineering Department running the in-house Engineering Test Lab.

It has been amazing to watch a company grow into this very successful business that we see today, and to consider the potential of where Mallard can go in the future.