Health and welfare are on all of our minds at this challenging time. Beginning with the physical health and welfare of those close to us, as well as all who are suffering, we care deeply. We also care deeply about the health and welfare of our economy, of our business and yours.

As companies that support a variety of businesses in the essential supply chain sector, we must get focused on creative solutions to help keep things moving. Whether it’s orders out the door into the hands of those that need them, or shelves stocked with goods, this is what we collectively do. Together we can effectively meet this challenge. We have the solutions and support you need. It may take a new, creative approach to make it through, but our experienced team is here and ready to help.

Markets & Solutions

We can all identify sectors that are still working hard to deliver products and services to customers sheltered at home. Also, many point of sale operations have had to completely rethink stock and resupply. Warehouses are facing a completely new approach to labor as well as adjustments to inventory fulfillment on an enormous scale.

We need to identify the challenges these businesses face and quickly and cost-effectively meet those needs to help them maintain operations and prepare for life in the “new normal”.  Gravity flow offers a wide array of easy to implement solutions to meet the needs of customers across this spectrum of industries.

  • Medical / Healthcare
  • PPE Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Plastic Manufacturer/ Distributors
  • Convenience Store Distributors
  • Wholesale Wine & Spirit
  • Food & Beverage
  • Wholesale Grocery
  • Retail Grocery
  • Packaging
  • Home Office Supply 
  • E-Commerce
  • 3PL & Cold Storage

Help from the Mallard Team

These industries are facing an immediate need for smaller, more individualized order fulfillment. We all know how costly small batch order fulfillment is if not optimized. We need to look at creative solutions to help these suppliers reconfigure for piece and small order case picking, reduce labor cost (and worker proximity in many cases), and nimbly respond to inventory changes. In as much as speed is paramount so is accuracy to avoid returns, restocking and customer dissatisfaction.

Gravity Flow Solutions

Carton flow — carton & piece picking

  • Pick from shelf or tote
  • Automatically replenished pick face
  • Ready-reserve storage
  • Separate charge and discharge aisles help with social distancing
  • Snap-on entry guides for fast, easy SKU reprofiling

Pallet Flow Case-Picking — high-volume case-pick

  • Case & each pick to conveyor from floor-level pallet flow

Pick modules – increase SKU capacity by up to 50% while increasing efficiency and reducing travel times. Perfect for high-volume case picking with ready reserve storage.

Carton Flow Work Cells – pop-up, mobile case fulfillment. Our team is already actively putting mobile work cells in manufacturing and distribution facilities to quickly manage inventory changes and demand spikes. No installation crews necessary – just fast, efficient carton and piece picking. We offer a range of capacity options for lightweight to heavier inventory needs.

  • Light assembly & small parts storage
  • Kitting & each picks
  • Restock from carton or tote
  • Finished order staging
  • Curbside pickup for POS retail

Mallard Digital Tools 

The tools and support you need are already available from the Mallard team and resources. We can provide guidance for finding the right gravity flow solution to support your customers’ current or anticipated future inventory storage and processing needs.

Zoom Virtual Visits

Let’s Zoom! This is one of those times when it’s ok to say, “But everyone is doing it!”  Conference and video calls will gather the necessary players in one “room” to generate ideas, flush out plans and finalize details. We can meet digitally one to one or with the customer to brainstorm and even “walk-through” the facility together. Let’s talk about it!

 Blog Support

This week Mallard published our 300th blog! It’s a milestone for us, but hopefully more of a big benefit to our customer base. Blog topics cover every gravity flow product, inventory challenge and system configuration. The search bar that appears on all the pages of the Mallard website will help you quickly find the content you are looking for. We advise you to avoid sending a quote without first finding a unique blog (or two) covering the topic. Pay close attention to why we developed the solution and perhaps what modifications we made to the basic system and why.


And don’t forget our extensive video collection. There are over 100 videos from test lab detailed system configurations, installation how-to, best practices, and more. Every one of them is easy to find and share from our website or YouTube channel.

Additional Resources

Lastly, the Resources page on our website will quickly take you to photos and illustrations by product and application, spec sheets and product brochures, if needed.

Proposal Support

To ensure your proposals are unique and different, provide the support materials we’ve noted above for reference and explanation. Testing videos, blogs and images will strengthen the plan and provide helpful context for the application. Resist the urge to simply email the quote. Supply the support materials to ensure that the customer fully understands how the solution will meet their needs and how the project will be efficiently and effectively implemented.

  • Easily Searchable Resources
  • M-Elevations – DIY Application Drawings
  • 3D Product Animations
  • Instructional & Install Videos
  • Photo & Illustration Galleries
  • Engineered Applications

Searchable Resources

As we stated above, the Search bar appears on every page of the Mallard website to help you find the support material you need. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact your regional sales support specialist.


M-Elevations bridge the gap from gravity flow system concept to installation with cutting-edge graphics and detail. M-Elevations should be provided as part of a complete pallet and/or carton flow racking design proposals to help the customer visualize the system application.


From 3D animations to the test and how-to videos, these resources are available to help tell “the story” and explain the use, the installation, the application of the system you are proposing.

Photos & Illustrations Gallery

Again, support your proposal with system pictures and or detailed illustrations.

Engineered Applications

Mallard engineered applications span the array from pallet separators to remove dangerous back pressures to custom flow lanes and enhanced item selection and order processing for tires, bottles and kegs. Our engineered applications blend function and safety to optimize warehouse performance.

  • Pallet separators for every pallet flow lane design and application.
  • Pallet jack access ramp bridges the divide between floor-mounted pallet flow and the pallet jack.
  • Custom Applications: Tire Flow, Bottle Pick Rack, Keg Flow

The Mallard team is here, whether remotely or hopefully soon in person, to help you support your customers and keep your team engaged and working the solutions so desperately needed at this time. Please make use of the vast tools that are available from the Mallard website, our YouTube channel and our sales and support teams. We look forward to seeing this challenge through and coming out on the other end proud of what we were able to do to help.