Mallard Manufacturing Carton Flow Guides & Lane DividersNew Data Sheet Available for Simplified Product Ordering

Could your carton flow system use better SKU segmentation? Carton flow is designed to speed up order picking and improve accuracy, but if your inventory isn’t well segmented within the carton flow, your system may not be optimized to return the best efficiency results. This of course depends on the type of inventory you are processing, but carton flow entry guides and full-length lane dividers are a sure way to keep SKU lanes orderly and meet those golden zone pick rates.

Mallard offers a Slim-Fit entry guide that is a universal product for our carton flow systems, and we also offer customized entry guides for our Dyna-Flo & Dyna Deck products depending on system design. Knowing which to use and why can be found on our new Carton Flow Entry Guide & Lane Divider Data Sheet.

Carton Flow Rack Entry Guide Products:

  • Slim-Fit Carton Flow Entry Guide – Fits Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Flo HD and Dyna-Deck carton flow. Simply snaps onto carton flow axle. Tall profile beneficial for larger product and overall improved visual lane identification.
  • Dyna-Flow HD Entry Guide – Custom designed to fit Dyna-Flow HD carton flow on 3″ centers.
  • Dyna-Flo Entry Guide — Fits Dyna-Flo & Dyna Deck on 2″ or 3″ centers & Dyna-Flo HD 2″ centers
  • Full Length Carton Flow Lane Divider — Use with either Dyna-Flo or Dyna-Flo HD entry guide. Simply lock into place anywhere along the full width of the shelf bed.

Mallard carton flow entry guides are designed to be easy to handle, quick to pop into place and durable to withstand high-volume order picking needs. Our lane guides fit snuggly into the entry guides for a secure, dependable lane division that can span up to 20’ deep.

Advantages of Mallard Carton Flow Entry Guides:

  • Maximize carton flow space with precise lane segmentation
  • Snap-on guides fit anywhere along the shelf bed
  • Quick reprofiling for product changes and seasonal fluctuations
  • Improve pick rates
  • Increase put rates
  • Reduce picking errors

Mallard Manufacturing Carton Flow Entry Guides & Lane Dividers

Contact the Mallard gravity flow specialists if you have any questions about carton, case or each picking efficiencies that can be found in an economical new or retro-fit carton flow application. Check out our new spec sheet for carton flow entry guide or lane divider specifications.