Meet Vernon Ellis. Vernon is an integral part of the Mallard Manufacturing team. His extensive experience allows us to apply Vernon’s many talents in a number of different areas… which is a nice way of saying that we ask him to wear a lot of hats. The good thing for us is that Vernon wouldn’t have it any other way. Say, “Hello” to Vernon Ellis.

A Typical Day at Mallard

Fortunately for me, there is no typical day. I have a diversified existence here at Mallard. My time is split between Engineering and Project Management, and I am also the guy who goes out into the field to help provide solutions when there are concerns. This blend of roles and responsibilities keeps me busy and always learning.

When I put on my Engineering hat, my focus is typically system design with a little product design.  At times I am also involved in process improvement for our gravity flow products.

When my Project Management hat goes on, I spend most of my time on executing and monitoring /controlling the project. Most often, I provide system design engineering support. I work closely with our sales team, dealers, end-users, and installers to help implement scheduling, manufacturing, and shipping to make sure that the deliverables are met.

Wearing my Field hat, I never know what to expect when I arrive on-site. My job is to evaluate the situation and make recommendations to make the process go more smoothly, solve unexpected challenges, and anticipate any future concerns.

I am based out of Southern Indiana, just across the river from Louisville, Kentucky.

Why Mallard?

This is actually my second tour with Mallard. What brought me back? “Consistency”. The things that keep my job satisfying are the diversity of the work and the professionalism of the team. I am a family guy and Mallard’s leadership understands and respects that.

Getting Personal:

God, my wife, our daughter, and our grandchildren are all part of my “WHY”.

When not working or spending time with my family, you may find me with the Jet Cars Inc. Team.

While my official title at Mallard is Project Manager/Engineer, I am known as “THE GUARDIAN” within my team. Personal attributes that I strive to project are being genuine, sure-footed, consistent, and resilient.

Education & Experience:

A skilled material handling professional with 15 years of Manufacturing & 10 years of Construction experience, Vernon has a Certificate in Project Management from the University of Louisville and is currently pursuing Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute.