Pallet Flow Design - Mallard Manufacturing Bridging Concept to Installation

Mallard’s M-Elevations program is a proprietary digital planning tool developed to help customers visualize their proposed pallet flow and carton flow system layout. M-Elevations relies on an easy to use, interface that prompts the user through each input area to develop detailed preliminary gravity flow drawings.

M-Elevations provide several system views:

  • Front & side elevations
  • Plan view

The plan view allows customers to see how the proposed design fits within their building parameters as a whole. This schematic allows a “birds-eye” view of the full space with special consideration of the fixed features of the warehouse such as columns, doorways, docking, office space, etc. to ensure maneuverability and workflow efficiency.

M-Elevations for Pallet Flow

M-Elevations for pallet flow rack aggregates pallet types, load weights, building specs, inventory and fulfillment goals to create a working visual of the pallet flow rack design. To help you learn how to create your own custom M-Elevation drawings for systems design and proposals we’ve created a step-by-step Pallet Flow M-Elevations How-to Video:

Pallet Flow Rack Design - Mallard Manufacturing

Features of M-Elevations for Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow Rack Design - Mallard ManufacturingEach project is presented with a custom design to fit unique inventory specs and facility configuration.

  • Pallet specs
  • Beam levels
  • # pallets deep & wide
  • Lift-off space

M-Elevations clearly define pallet flow lane details including height, depth, and width in addition to beam heights, lift-off clearance, bay width, and direction of flow. The sample image to the right uses standard pallet dimensions however varying pallet types and dimensions can be captured and identified as well through M-Elevations to guarantee proper fit and clearance.


  • Design for best use of available vertical & horizontal 
  • Visualize pallet flow system before ordering materials.
  • Help team/management envision a particular application benefit.
  • Accurately measure/plan for the following system requirements:
    • Clear height to ceiling
    • # of pallet positions stored
    • Type of lift trucks needed
    • Top of load dimensions
    • Pallet lane depth and width
    • Safety and emergency systems, i.e. sprinklers, guard rails, vehicle lanes.

M-Elevations for Carton Flow

M-Elevations for carton flow rack are equally valuable for warehouse operations planning. To create the custom elevation drawings, enter customer-supplied details such as inventory profile, carton dimensions by SKU, available space, and pallet rack/shelving specs.

We’ve also created a How to Video for creating M-Elevations for Carton Flow Rack, take a look:
Carton Flow M-Elevations How-to Video:

Carton Flow Rack Design - Mallard Manufacturing

Features of M-Elevations for Carton Flow

Using customer-supplied specs, you can design a carton flow system that both optimizes space and ensures the most ergonomic, efficient order picking operation. In addition, M-Elevations are so simple to create that you can prepare 2-3 options to demonstrate a variety of slotting options to establish optimal cube utilization.


  • Plan your system layout and product slotting options.
  • Determine % cube utilization.
  • Define the ideal product flow for today and for future growth.
  • Establish ergonomic beam levels for both charge & discharge side –improving load & pick rates and preventing repetitive motion injuries.
  • Prevent beam/shelf damage by setting beam heights for picking – no more stepping on beams or carton flow shelves.

Contact the Mallard team for additional support regarding our full line of gravity flow solutions from pallet and carton flow to gravity conveyor. Our material handling experts are here to guide you to the best system to suit your needs.