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Mallard Manufacturing Gravity Flow Quality

Mallard gravity flow products like our pallet flow rails and carton flow beds are manufactured to withstand the daily abuse of busy warehouse operations. .. but sometimes getting our products to you in good condition can be a bit of a challenge.   Our newly enhanced Total Quality Management strategies are making a difference however for shipments leaving our facility.

LTL freight is the most economical way to get smaller orders to our customers, so we are ensuring we do everything we can to protect your pallet and carton flow order while loaded and transported on a packed carrier.  When you receive your Mallard order, you will notice the attention to detail in the packaging that is securing your new gravity flow items.

Features of Mallard Quality Assurance for LTL Shipments:Mallard Manufacturing Quality Assurance

  • Individually wrapped layers of material are kept from scratching and shifting
  • Plastic wrapped and banded before being crated holds materials together
  • 16”-wide wooden sideboards adhered to the outside of the crate -sideboards run full length of the crate
  • Large stickers are adhered to outside of crate: “Do not stack” and/or “No Top Freight”
  • Cones added to top of crate prevent items from being stacked on top

As your order is processed and packaged, content is verified for accuracy but we don’t stop there.  The packaging is also inspected to ensure that it is wrapped, sealed and marked to our strict regulations.

We understand that by ordering gravity flow solutions from Mallard your expectations are very high… so are ours.  We equate quality with customer satisfaction and since we only have that one chance to make a first impression, we do our best to ensure that it’s a good one.  Thank you for putting your trust in Mallard gravity flow products and… Let us know how we’re doing!

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