Darrell Wallace is one of the important members of the Mallard Engineering team. Darrell brings gravity flow systems to life through his understanding of systems design and with his computer software talent. We are grateful to be able to rely on his skills and our customers are better for his input on their projects. Take a moment to get to know, Darrell.

A Typical Day at Mallard

I spend my days using Inventor (CAD design and engineering software) to create system layouts for our customers. I work mainly in 3D and, typically, on larger, more complicated, custom projects. As gravity flow requirements have gotten more advanced, 3D CAD applications have become instrumental in designing them. These programs can show a level of detail that is valuable for customers and enable them to better visualize the positioning and functionality of their gravity flow systems before they purchase their systems.

Education & Experience

I hold a Master’s Degree in Business (marketing), a Bachelor’s in Organizational Management and an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Design from MIT.

I have been using CAD software since high school and have always excelled at it and loved working with it. My wife and I own and operate 4 businesses outside of Mallard. In the past, I’ve designed electric hair trimmers and trailers with portable traffic lights. While my official title at Mallard is Design Engineer, I am known as “THE GUARDIAN” within my team.

Favorite Things

Family – my wife, Leslea, is Mallard’s order processor (we are literally 5 feet apart all day, luckily there’s a wall separating us). Having lost my sister & mom early in life I am close to my 2 sisters and my dad.

My 2 kids – Although they drive me crazy at times, I do everything for my kids, Andrew is 6, Emma 4

Bond…James Bond

I have a large collection of beer bottle caps.

Why Mallard?

There is such a wide variety of products at Mallard that I am constantly challenged. There is always a new and interesting idea that needs to be designed to develop a customized customer solution. I’ve worked for Mallard for 5 years now. It’s just the right size company for me.