As the year draws to an end, Mallard is not the only business looking back at the year’s progress and accomplishments, but what we see most clearly in this reflection is…. our customers. This is because most of Mallard’s 2018 advances came to us thanks to customers who brought us a warehouse challenge to solve or sought a tool to make their job easier and facility more productive.

Take a look back with us as we count down our Top 3 accomplishments of 2018…

Watch How We Roll – More Videos!

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While we’re talking about our extensive video compilation, we’ve continued to increase our collection of animated videos that show individual products in action with three-dimensional detail.

We completed our 3D videos for the entire Pallet Separator product line this year.  There are 7 total, each with a unique pallet flow application. The animation details all you need to understand the specific function and benefit of each product.

New Pallet Separator Videos:

Flex Separator for Pallet Flow

Dual Pallet Separator for Pallet Flow

Empty Pallet Return Separator Forklift Separator for Pallet Flow


Mallard’s How-To & Best Practices Blogs

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New Products & Applications

Taking a fresh look at product features and functions is one of the most important jobs of the Mallard engineering team. Through that process, they are able to come up with new product designs and creative applications to meet specific needs of our ever-changing material handling industry.  Here are the new products introduced in 2018…

Looking back, we know that this is just a sampling of the abundance of projects and challenges tacked by the Mallard team in 2018… so, Thanks! Thank you for inspiring us to look at products and processes in a new way, thank you for coming to us with your warehousing questions, and thank you for trusting us to come through for you. Be sure to keep the requests coming! We’ve got a whole new year to fill with great ideas.