Test the Mallard Difference

Mallard Manufacturing Engineering Testing LabWe talk a lot about the Mallard Difference because we believe it… our people, our products, and our commitment are authentic. One way that we demonstrate this commitment is in our in-house pallet flow testing lab. This is where we ensure that your pallet flow rack system is optimally designed for your specific application needs.

Many factors affect the reliability of pallet flow rack, including pallet type and quality, product load, weight and load distribution. Our engineers will replicate your pallet flow system design using your product and your pallets to evaluate the flow rates, pitch, pallet quality, pallet spacing and speed controllers.  We make adjustments as needed until we are satisfied with the outcome.  We can also conduct system comparison testing to evaluate performance of various product types using your load criteria, i.e. magnum pallet flow rack vs. skate wheel or full roller pallet flow vs. split roller pallet flow racking, using GMA style wooden pallets vs. plastic.

Mallard Testing Process:test evaluations

  • Challenge Review– Define the problem and end goals
  • Brainstorming– Develop pallet flow application options
  • Test Plan– Using simulated load and package conditions, test (and re-test) a number of variations of the following criteria until we get it right.

    • Roller types and sizes
    • Space allocation
    • Lane design, depth and pitch
    • Speed controller and brake systems

Each test comes with a complete pallet flow racking test report and video for your review and approval before we move the project forward.

See Our Video Testing Gallery

Custom pallet flow rack design is our niche, and after almost 60 years in operation we have the experience and expertise to tackle any situation a customer has to offer… then we have the facilities to test it, BEFORE we install a single wheel or roller.  After all, we are the Gravity Flow Experts.

We look forward to discussing your pallet flow, carton flow or gravity conveyor challenge.