Mallard Tests the Limits of Gravity Flow Products

We talk a lot about the Mallard Difference because we believe it… our people, our products, and our commitment are authentic. One way that we demonstrate this commitment is through our in-house engineering testing lab. This is where we ensure that your pallet flow rack or carton flow system design is optimally configured for your specific application needs.

Pallet Flow Systems

Many factors affect the performance of your system. Pallet flow lanes are designed for certain pallet types, load weights and dimensions. How the load tracks down the lane and stops at the end are critical to a properly functioning, highly efficient pallet flow system.

We replicate your pallet flow system design and use your pallets and product if possible (or we simulate the load) to evaluate the flow rates, pitch, pallet quality, pallet spacing and tracking. We also evaluate the need for pallet flow accessories such as speed controllers, ramp stops and separators. We adjust as needed until we are satisfied that the system will meet your needs most effectively.

Carton Flow Systems

The same process is followed for our carton flow system testing, though often we are comparing different products to find the most effective option for the given inventory.

Mallard offers six varieties of carton flow products, three are designed mostly for consistent carton widths, and three are designed for varying carton widths. Within both groups are additional variations which makes testing a very important part of the design process.

Mallard Testing Process

  • Challenge Review– What is the goal of the system? What is the warehouse environment?
  • Brainstorming– Develop pallet flow system options
  • Test Plan– Test actual (or simulated) load types and sizes
    • Space allocation
    • Lane design, depth and pitch
    • Speed controllers
    • Pallet separators
  • Re-test variations until we find an optimized solution
  • Each test comes with a complete pallet flow racking or carton flow rack test report and video for your review and approval before we move the project forward.