Step-Up Layer Picking Efficiency with Pallet Flow

Layer picking uses specialized forklift clamp or suction attachments to select one or more carton layers in a single pick vs. handpicking each carton. This allows for building multi-SKU custom pallets faster and less expensively… but layer picking with pallet flow increases those efficiencies even further.

As you can see from the video above, layer picking from pallet flow equipped with Mallard’s Layer Pick pallet separator can measurably improve your efficiency.

As opposed to picking from floor stacked pallets, a dynamic pallet flow system provides a secure pick face pallet that is automatically replenished once the empty pallet is removed. Having the reserve storage waiting in queue in the pallet flow lane means no delay in layer picking operations to restock the pick lane. The layer pick separator is key in this operation because it holds the rear pallets several inches behind the front pallet.

Layer Pick Series Advantages

  • Increase productivity with safe, easy, empty pallet removal
  • Improve forklift and operator safety
  • Choose from Mallard wheeled and roller pallet flow systems
  • Automatic release flows rear pallets forward when empty pallet is removed
  • Minimal slope required

LP 400 Design Considerations

  • Compatible with GMA & CHEP style pallets
  • For use with pallet depths of 32” – 48”
  • All pallets must be the same depth
  • Installed beside center rail in 3-rail lane
  • Add up to 24” clearance for layer picking attachment
  • Maximum of 4 pallets behind rear paddle
  • Mallard supports required in the last two positions for proper function
  • Empty pallet must be heavy enough to resist back pressure until removed
  • Only to be used on the floor level