Bigger, Tougher, Stronger

Take a close look at the photos below – 3 very similar wheels sold to perform the same job…  but Be Careful, Looks Can Be Deceiving.  It’s really what’s on the inside that counts!

magnum wheel comparison

In the toughest warehouse environments, you need the toughest pallet flow rack.  The Magnum wheel above left – was created specifically for this reason.  Made from extremely rugged, reinforced resin that holds up under the busiest and harshest warehouse conditions, Magnum wheel won’t split or break, unlike the look-alikes to the right, saving you extraordinary replacement costs and downtime.  Magnum wheel pallet flow  can support twice the load of standard off-the-shelf wheels and yet will fit into any standard pallet rack.

Now look at those other wheels AFTER they’ve spent some time in a warehouse – Typically manufactured with a standard polycarbonate which becomes brittle and fatigues over time, the wheels ultimately chip, crack or break, leading to extensive replacement costs and lost productivity.

Traditional Pallet Flow Wheels Damaged After Normal Use

damaged competitor pallet flow wheels

Magnum Wheel Mallard ManufacturingMagnum Wheel Benefits:

  • Most rugged, durable pallet flow wheel available
  • Ideal for heavy loads up to 3000 lbs.
  • Best choice for tough warehouse environments
    • Freezer / Cooler
    • Grocery / Food Processing
    • Automotive / Heavy Machinery
  • Lifetime damage warranty

Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Comparison PageWe are so confident in the durability and performance of our Magnum wheel that it comes with a lifetime warranty

For more on Magnum wheel pallet flow rack, see our web page, photo gallery and illustration gallery.  You can also download our Wheel Comparison PDF.