Industrial Powder Coat Oven

Sterling, IL – January 10, 2018 – Mallard Manufacturing, leading manufacturer of gravity flow storage products is excited to announce their second expansion in under three years with a new 30,000 sf building at their headquarters and manufacturing location in Sterling.

The overall Mallard facility is now 20% larger with this expansion. The new building is added to the recently expanded 150,000 sq. foot facility to accommodate the continued increase in order volume as well as to streamline operations, reduce turnaround times and improve manufacturing processes for existing product offerings.

“It’s a group effort that has gotten us to this next plateau.” says Kevin Risch, President of Mallard Manufacturing. He adds, “The Mallard team, from engineering and operations to sales and our distribution network, has seen real excitement over our product and manufacturing enhancements… the results are measurable.  It’s a good place to be as we start a new year.”

Mallard Manufacturing Plant Expansion

  • 30,000 sq. ft. expansion facility
  • Industrial powder coat oven
  • Plasma cutter
  • Streamlined manufacturing
  • Additional office space

Mallard is using the new facility to cut lead times with a more streamlined, vertically integrated, manufacturing process. The new building provides room to reorganize existing space and thereby improve upon the full roller pallet flow assembly process, as one example.The centerpiece of the new facility is an industrial powder coat oven which enables batch processing for powder coating and ultimately produces a more uniform and durable finish, while saving worker time and fuel expenses.

Additional Office Space

Also, Mallard has introduced a new plasma cutter in the welding department. Plasma cutters are known for cleaner, faster cutting of steel and aluminum, both of which are major gravity flow system components.

Mallard’s Total Quality Management (TQM) program was also enhanced last year with new packaging and shipping regulations to advance the company-wide goal of 100% Customer Satisfaction. Mallard’s TQM effort is getting another significant boost this year with the new facility and all the cutting-edge technology and appliances housed within. From product and system testing, to manufacturing, finishing, packaging and shipping, Mallard’s focus is Customer Satisfaction.

About Mallard Manufacturing

Founded in 1960, Mallard Manufacturing Company is a leading international resource for the design and development of quality engineered gravity flow, pallet flow and carton flow systems. From a single bay of carton flow shelving to deep-lane pallet flow and complex pick modules, Mallard’s team of gravity flow experts develop custom solutions to solve the toughest material flow challenges. Centrally located in Illinois USA, Mallard’s production facilities are equipped to handle project requirements of any size and scope.

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Facility Expansion in Progress