Sterling, IL – Mallard Manufacturing Corporation, leading manufacturer of gravity flow solutions, announces its newest accessory, the Pallet Jack Access Ramp for Pallet Flow.  This product marries two commonly used tools in most warehouses: the pallet jack and floor-mounted pallet flow.  Normally pallet flow is accessed via fork truck, but being able to use the nimble pallet jack in conjunction with pallet flow can lead to increased efficiency in product staging areas and elsewhere in the warehouse. Constructed using heavy-duty galvanized material, these simple yet effective accessories provide a quick, easy and affordable solution for the pallet jack operator to access the floor mounted pallet flow.

Pallet Jack Access Ramp for Pallet Flow--MallardThe attention to detail that is expected in a Mallard Manufacturing product ensures that the ramps are created with a “textured grip” surface that prevents pallet jacks from accessing the system too quickly or the operator from slipping while entering or extracting the pallet.

 Benefits of Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow

  • Reduces the number of forklifts and operators vs. bulk stacking
  • Provides better space utilization – fewer aisles needed
  • Reduces travel time – vehicles travel to staging lanes vs. full distance
  • Maintains proper (FIFO) inventory rotation – critical for dated goods and food products
  • Eliminates chaos and contention in dock area by separating order staging and put-away

 Benefits- Pallet Jack Access Ramps for Pallet Flow

  • Enables quick access to flow lanes from load or pick side
  • Frees up forklift for order picking operations

“We designed the ramp as a tool for customers that recognized floor-mounted pallet flow in product staging areas just made good sense.  What we’ve realized is that we can put this system to work in assembly, dock, staging, in-process and other work areas as well,” says Kevin Risch, President of Mallard Manufacturing.

Mallard products continue to evolve and become vital elements in the fast-paced and evolving world of warehousing and distribution.

About Mallard Manufacturing – Founded in 1960, Mallard Manufacturing Company is a leading international resource for the design and development of quality engineered gravity flow, pallet flow and carton flow systems.  From a single bay of carton flow shelving to deep lane pallet flow and complex pick modules, Mallard’s team of gravity flow experts develop custom solutions to solve the toughest material flow challenges.  Centrally located in Illinois USA, Mallard’s production facilities are equipped to handle project requirements of any size and scope.