Ergonomic Pallet Lift Table Eases Back Strain and Improves Picking Productivity

Mallard Manufacturing Corporation, leading manufacturer of quality pallet flow and carton flow systems, is pleased to launch its new pallet flow Ergo Cell, an ergonomic pallet lift table designed to work within pallet flow case picking applications.  Pneumatic controls are used to elevate the front pallet on the lift table creating a comfortable range of motion for order selection, preventing repetitive injuries and improving picking rates.  Empty pallets can easily be removed from the lift table without the weight or pressure of subsequent pallets.

“We’ve seen a big increase in demand for high density, high throughput order picking systems. Customers are integrating pallet flow to achieve dense FIFO storage, up to 10-12 pallets deep, combined with case picking from the front pallet position,” says Kevin Risch, President of Mallard Manufacturing. “These high volume case-pick applications optimize space and productivity, but also warrant some caution for warehouse operators and order selectors.  Continual bending, straining and lifting of cartons and pallets from lower or floor level pallet locations can put considerable physical strain on order pickers, causing repetitive motion and lower back injuries.  The Ergo Cell can prevent these injuries while keeping throughput on track,” says Risch.

The Ergo Cell has fail-safe pneumatic controls and is compatible with GMA, PECO and CHEP pallets.


  • Designed for comfortable, safe and efficient order picking
  • Isolates loads at discharge to eliminate back pressure
  • Reduces worker injuries
  • Extremely economical vs. powered conveyor
  • Fail-safe pneumatic controls

About Mallard Manufacturing – Founded in 1960, Mallard Manufacturing is a leading international resource for the design and development of quality engineered gravity flow, pallet flow and carton flow systems.  From a single bay of carton flow shelving to deep lane pallet flow and complex pick modules, Mallard’s team of gravity flow experts develop custom solutions to solve the toughest material flow challenges.  Centrally located in Illinois USA, Mallard’s production facilities are equipped to handle project requirements of any size and scope.