Don’t Miss Booth #B1956 – We’ll Be Floating a Few Surprises

The material handling industry is looking to the future at this year’s MODEX show. The Mallard team always looks to the future, and so, we are particularly excited to meet with industry peers and customers to show-off and talk-through our latest gravity flow products and accessories. There’s a lot of exhibitors at MODEX so just look up and find the giant floating Mallard Duck logo… it’ll lead you right to us!

When you get to our exhibit, you’ll see how our cleaver engineers have incorporated almost every Mallard gravity flow solution into our display. See up close and personal our Magnum wheel pallet flow… the industry’s most durable pallet flow wheel, guaranteed. Plus, our Dyna-Flo & Dyna-Flo HD carton flow, Dyna-Deck replacement carton flow, and a number of other Mallard exclusive pallet and carton flow products. Be sure to also ask our team about Mallard permanent and/or mobile gravity conveyor solutions.

We also be talking about our Extend-a-Rail Mobile Pallet Flow standard and NEW HD model. Extend-a-Rail rolls into place as a compact, telescoping unit that expands into a dense, push-assisted pallet flow lane… up to 10 pallets deep! Extend-a-Rail is a warehousing cost saver for:Mallard Extend-a-Rail Mobile Pallet Flow

  • Truck offloading to full pallet
  • Inbound pallet building
  • Wave picking to pallets
  • Stripping finished goods off pallets
  • Manufacturing processing
  • Staging outbound
  • Areas with limited forklift access

We say proudly that our products and accessories are engineered to perform and manufactured to last and we mean it!  Why are we so passionate about giving customers a chance to see and test our products? Because, we know Mallard products produce for them:

  • Maximize Storage Capacity: Nearly double the storage in the same footprint
  • Increase Throughput: Consolidated picking and replenishment
  • Decrease Equipment Costs: Fewer forklifts needed
  • Reduce Labor Expense: Less forklift travel and pallet handling
  • Reduce Energy Costs: Fuel & electricity savings with convenient, gravity conveyed goods
  • Better Inventory Control: Ideal for dated and/or perishable goods—FIFO and LIFO configurations available.

We’d be happy to review your specific warehousing challenges. To set up an appointment with a Mallard Gravity Flow Specialist before, during or after show dates, call 1-800-243-6694 (US Only)/ 1-815-625-9491 or email

We’ll see you in Atlanta!