Double-Sided Vertical Design Saves Space & Keeps Orders Moving

Our newly designed empty pallet return system allows for twice the capacity of traditional pallet return lanes without taking up twice the space.  Our double-sided design securely transports empty pallets from the pick-face back to the load side for faster lane clearing and replenishment.  The vertical design allows for twice the capacity in virtually the space of a single pallet flow lane… freeing up area for more pick lanes to accommodate high throughput operations.

Double-Sided Empty Pallet Return Advantages:

  • Collect and flow 2 pallets at once in a space-saving, vertical flow lane
  • Free-up space for additional pick or storage lanes
  • No pallet hold/release needed – pallets flow gently to the load aisle
  • Ergonomic design  – easy to lift even wooden pallets on their side to the return flow lane
  • Heavy-duty, bolted ramp stops keep pallets in place until extraction from lane
  • Pallets are easily manually extracted to the forklift or pallet jack for restocking

Our engineers didn’t just add a second lane to the vertical pallet return configuration, they designed for added efficiency and safety – The inward lane pitch keeps pallets in place, preventing worker injury and lane hang-ups.  The combination of heavy-duty lane rollers and steel skate wheel guides both at the bottom and top of the pallet provides even, consistent flow for the pallets even in busy pick areas.  Lastly, pallet ramp stops are installed at the end of the lane to allow the pallet to come to a safe stop within the lane and yet be easily removed by hand for loading to a forklift or pallet jack for restocking.

Pallet return lanes keep aisles free from debris, allow for faster restock and replenishment and protect the pallets themselves from damage.  Contact a gravity flow expert today to discuss all the possible benefits of this system for your current operation or future project.

double vertical pallet return

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