Pallet Flow Rack Connections Mallard ManufacturingMallard has several options of pallet flow lanes and configurations to meet all your product flow needs and product mix challenges.  To support our unique pallet flow lane options we also have an extensive line of mounting brackets to secure the lanes to your pallet racking.

Pallet flow rack attachment options are customized to retrofit existing pallet rack or attach to any variety of new pallet rack designs according to your rack manufacturer’s installation drawings. Our engineering team will provide updated approval drawings for the pallet flow rack integration to guarantee proper fit and performance of all system components including tracks, speed controllers, breaks and mounting hardware.

Benefits of Mallard Pallet Rack Connection Options:

  • Variety of connection options, customized for structural or roll-formed rack
  • Turnkey conversion of existing pallet rack with pallet flow track integration
  • Engineering approval drawing supplied for all systems
  • Full length angle brackets allow rail adjustments left to right

Pallet Flow Rack Connection OptionsTo help you understand the options available, we have created a Pallet Rack Connections Spec Sheet featuring detailed illustrations of a variety of track/pallet rack connection methods for both structural and roll-formed pallet rack.

Let our pallet flow rack specialists help guide you to finding the right pallet flow lane configuration and racking connections for you specific needs.  Contact us today!

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See More Mounting Bracket Illustrations