Ensure a Safe & Steady Landing with Heavy-Duty, Bolt-On Ramp Stops

Pallet flow ramp stops, sometimes referred to as end stops, are designed to slow pallets in the last few inches of the lane and secure a safe stop at the pick face. The ramp stop design ensures heavy pallets are held in the lane, but there is more to the unique design of the Mallard ramp stop.

The Mallard pallet flow ramp stop is bolted onto the pallet flow rack lane as opposed to welded.  This design allows warehousing staff to quickly replace only the damaged stops and not the entire flow lane when faced with forklift damage. That said, our ramp stops are also manufactured using heavy-duty 8 gauge steel, so they are very durable, but because we understand that everything in a warehouse is vulnerable to damage, we’ve designed our stops to be easily replaced if need be.

Mallard ramp stops are powder coated in “safety yellow”, particularly important in food and packaged grocery facilities. The powder coat will not wear off and rust after repeated wash downs and since the ramps are bolted and not welded your food inventory is safe from toxic gases released during welding. In addition, the bolt-on attachment can be removed, sandblasted and repainted if desired.


  • Bolt-on design for easy “piece” replacement and lane reconfiguration
  • Powder coated “safety yellow” for better visibility
  • Rounded corners protect workers and product
  • Wider stop = more surface area to stop heavy pallets


  • Heavy-duty, 8 gauge steel construction
  • Heavy-duty bolts provide secure connection
  • Custom angled stop with heavy-duty lip
  • Powder coat – safe for food distribution