Forklift Extraction Optimized

The Mallard Forklift Separator FL-300 is designed specifically for deep-lane, multi-level pallet flow configurations. Like our other pallet separators, the FL-300 is designed to hold back rear pallets from exerting force on the front pallet thus allowing for simple extraction of the front pallet. The forklift separator is triggered once the front pallet is lifted by the forklift, allowing the rear pallets to then gently glide forward to replenish the pick face. Once the front pallet is in place, a hold-back device is automatically triggered to stop the rear pallets a safe distance from the front position. Isolating the front pallet and removing back pressure of the rear pallets is even more critical at higher elevations where forklift mast capacity is reduced.

Back pressure is the combined weight of the rear pallets that transfers to the front pallet. When left uncontrolled, back pressure can injure workers, and damage inventory and equipment. Mallard pallet separators can change all that. The 3D video above shows how quickly and easily the forklift separator works.

Here’s how to calculate that pressure: Back Pressure = .06 x weight/pallet x number of pallets in the lane

E.g. .06 x 1200 x 5 = 360 lbs. of extra weight pressing down on the front pallet. In a deep-lane configuration that amount can multiply into the thousands!

FL-300 Series Advantages

  • Increases productivity with easier forklift handling
  • Improves forklift and operator safety
  • Designed for deep-lane, multi-level pallet flow systems
  • Can be used with all track types
  • Automatic separator reset

Design Considerations

  • Allow for an additional 12” lane depth
  • Requires the use of speed controllers
  • Roller systems require split rails at discharge/separator end to allow forklift access