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Considering a layer pick application for your high-volume, high-SKU order fulfillment?… Good Pick! Layer picking is a highly productive, cost-effective solution for beverage, wine & spirits, grocery, or retail applications requiring multiple or mixed SKU pallet shipments. Each layer of cases on the pallet is comprised of a different SKU, creating a multi-layered “rainbow” pallet. The function of the layer picker is to build the pallets by each SKU layer.

A layer pick operation alone is highly productive, but paired with pallet flow and the layer pick separator, it can provide even greater efficiencies. Adding pallet flow vs simple floor stacking increases the functionality of the operation. Pallet flow provides automatic pick face replenishment, ready-reserve storage, plus orderly and congestion-free traffic flow to the application.

Take a minute to review some of the most commonly asked questions that we hear regarding the use of pallet flow lanes with the layer pick separator to see if it is the right choice for you.

7 FAQs – Is the Layer Pick Separator right for My Application?

  1. How do I know if I need a layer pick separator?

Pallet Flow Rack Layer Pick Separator - Mallard ManufacturingLayer picking is designed for high-volume, high-SKU order fulfillment. It’s a process meant to increase efficiencies while reducing fulfillment costs.  As opposed to picking from stationary floor-stacked pallets, layer picking from pallet flow equipped with our layer pick separator will further boost efficiency in the layer picking area keeping traffic and reserve stock replenishment at the ready.

  1. Can I use the layer pick separator in cooler storage and freezer applications?

Wherever you can use your forklift with the clamp or suction layer pick attachment, you can use pallet flow equipped with the layer pick separator.

  1. How are the rear pallets released?

The pallet separator is automatically triggered once the front pallet is lifted off the pallet flow lane. The rear pallets release and gently glide forward while the hold-back device engages to stop the rear pallets approximately 18”- 24” from the front pallet. The gap depends upon the type of layer pick attachment.

  1. How deep can the pallet flow system go when equipped with the layer pick separator?

Floor-mounted pallet flow up to 4 pallets deep is recommended for the layer pick separator application.

  1. What pallet flow rack options are available for use with the layer pick separator?

Pallet Flow Rack Layer Pick Separator - Mallard ManufacturingThe layer pick separator can be used with all Mallard pallet flow rail products: Magnum wheel, steel skate wheel and roller systems.  For roller applications,  split rail is used at the charge and discharge ends… full roller can be used in the middle. All applications are versatile regarding pallet weights, inventory type, pallet style and it is also washdown compatible for food safety compliance.

  1. How do I properly design my pallet flow lane to include the layer pick separator?

A pallet flow lane designed for layer picking is floor-mounted and includes speed controllers to regulate the flow of the pallets down lane. The lane requires an additional 18” – 24” of space to accommodate the layer pick device.

We recommend using ramp stops at the end of the lane to provide an extra measure of security for holding the pallet in place until it is empty and  removed from the lane. Mallard ramp stops bolt onto the pallet flow rails (as opposed to being welded in place) and can therefore be easily replaced if damaged without replacing the entire rail… minimizing downtime and expense.

  1. Do you have any unique system layout tips using the layer pick separator?

Why yes we do… we’re glad you asked that question! We call it Layer Pick in Reverse where we essentially invert some of the pallet flow lanes into reverse flow lanes. These lanes serve as the hub for building the layered pallet. Once the pallet is complete it can be released to flow to the opposite aisle for pick up. This configuration organizes and stages the outbound pallets while freeing up valuable center aisle space and streamlining the picking application.

Layer Pick Separator Series LP 400 AdvantagesPallet Flow Rack Layer Pick Separator - Mallard Manufacturing

  • Unrestricted picking one or more layers at a time
  • Automatically replenished pick face
  • Reserve storage up to 4-deep with speed controllers
  • No manual case-pick
  • Automatic separator reset
  • Easy, unrestricted removal of empty pallet
  • Optional pallet building lanes – layer pick in reverse

Now What?

With the layer pick separator, the Mallard engineers were able to take an already highly-effective warehousing solution and make it more efficient, safer and easier to use. Your picking application is unique to your inventory, facility, staff and equipment. Talk with our gravity flow specialists about your system needs to ensure that whatever system you choose is the right tool for your operation. Contact us today.