At Mallard we focus on gravity flow solutions to make warehouse operations run more smoothly, efficiently and safely. Ergo Cell pneumatic separator for pallet flow is the epitome of what we do. Ergo Cell is a hydraulic lift table that is built into the discharge end of a pallet flow system. It works in conjunction with the pneumatic pallet separator so that the pallet on the lift table is free from rear pallet pressures to be raised to a comfortable picking height. This system design is beneficial for a more productive and ergonomic case picking process. Cases are more easily removed, and the risk of worker injury is minimized.

Here are some of the most common questions that we’re asked about the Ergo Cell and pneumatic separator for pallet flow lanes.

7 FAQs – Ergo Cell Pneumatic Separator for Pallet Flow

  1. Ergo Cell Pneumatic Separator for Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard ManufacturingIs Ergo Cell pneumatic separator right for my pallet flow operation?

This is a system designed for high-density, high-throughput operations. Pallet flow provides reserve pallet storage and the hydraulic lift table improves ergonomic positioning for safer, more efficient case picking. The pallet separator holds the rear pallets back to allow free movement of the lift table and easy removal of the empty pallet.

  1. How does the Ergo Cell lift table operate?

The table is raised and lowered using a foot-operated device.

  1. How are the rear pallets released?

The pneumatic control box is positioned to allow the worker to simply press a button and release the rear pallets. The worker lowers the lift table so that it is flush with the pallet flow lane, then presses the button on the control box. The pop-up separators positioned in the lane will drop down allowing the pallets to move forward. Once the pallet passes over the pop-up devices, they are once again engaged to hold back the next pallet in the lane.

  1. Ergo Cell Pneumatic Separator for Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard ManufacturingWhat is the recommended lane depth of a pallet flow lane equipped with the Ergo Cell pneumatic separator?

Lane depth in terms of the number of pallets stored per lane will vary depending on the weight of the pallet. For heavier loads, we suggest 2-5 pallets deep. For lighter pallets, the system can be configured for up to nine pallets deep. There is also the option to add a 2nd set of pneumatic separators as needed for heavier, deeper lane systems.

  1. What pallet flow rack options are available for use with the Ergo Cell pneumatic separator?

The Ergo Cell pneumatic separator can be used with all Mallard pallet flow rail products: Magnum wheel, steel skate wheel and roller systems.  For roller applications, split rail is used at the charge and discharge ends… full roller can be used in the middle.

  1. How do I properly design my pallet flow lane to include the Ergo Cell pneumatic separator?

The Ergo Cell lift table is mounted at the discharge end of a pallet flow lane. The pop-up separator/s are positioned to hold back the pallet in the second position. In a deep-lane system pop-ups would also be added to hold back the sixth pallet. The pneumatic separator control box can be positioned to the side of the lane within easy reach of the worker. Speed controllers can be installed in the pallet flow lane if needed… depending on lane length, pallet weights and pitch, to help control the speed and tracking of the pallets down lane. On average, an additional 12” per lane is required to accommodate the pneumatic separator.

  1. What are the benefits of an empty pallet return lane for this type of case picking operation?

As you can see in the 3D animated video above, the empty pallet return lanes installed within proximity to the Ergo Cell-equipped pallet flow lane ensures quick, secure removal of empty pallets from the pick area, protects pallets from damage and increase restocking efficiency. Mallard offers 4 styles of empty pallet return to meet all operational needs.

Ergo Cell Pneumatic Separator for Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard ManufacturingErgo Cell Pneumatic Separator Series PS-500 Advantages

  • Designed for comfortable, efficient order picking
  • Isolates pick face pallets to eliminate back pressure – allows operator to remove empty pallets manually
  • Reduces worker injuries
  • Extremely economical solution vs. powered conveyor

Did We Answer All of Your Questions?

The Ergo Cell lift table with pneumatic pallet separator is a remarkable system for meeting your case picking needs. Our gravity flow specialists are available to explore the best options with you to ensure that the solution you choose will be right for your unique application. Call today and let’s get to work meeting your operational goals.