Speed– it’s generally considered a great thing in warehousing and distribution. The faster we move products through the warehouse, the better.  Speed – when it comes to your pallet flow application, well that is a bit more involved.  In addition to several other design parameters like product load, pallet type, track design and pitch, careful attention must be given to the speed at which the product load advances down the lane.  This is where Mallard’s speed controllers come in.

The function of a speed controller is exactly as the name indicates… to control the speed of pallets, totes and cartons, while guiding and maintaining a productive, safe rate of flow on gravity conveyor tracks.

pallet flow speed controller videoSpeed Control in Action

Take a look at our recent test videos showing a 2-deep pallet flow / case-pick application. Order pickers remove the front pallet after all cases are elected which frees the rear pallet to flow forward.  As seen in the first video, without a speed controller, the pallet flows very quickly to the front position, possibly risking product damage or worker injury.  The second video shows a system with the speed controller illustrating the smooth, even and controlled speed of the pallet – a more efficient and safer option.

Mallard 2-Deep Pallet Flow - With Controller2Mallard speed controller options are available for different wheel and roller configurations and for different warehousing environments. From the smallest container weighing 25 lbs. to pallets weighing up to 3,000 lbs., Mallard offers a variety of speed controller capacities, uniquely designed for your product weight ranges vs. a one-size-fits-all solution. Speed Controller spacing is generally one pallet position apart, although ideal spacing is best determined by testing actual pallets and load in our in-house testing facility.

Mallard Speed Controllers   – Types & Benefits

Indirect Speed ControllerIndirect Mount –
The Indirect speed controller is designed for lanes using skate wheel or larger polycarbonate wheel tracks. This method allows for a typical load weight variance in the lane of approximately 1,500 lbs.





Under Mount SmallUnder Mount – Speed controllers can also be mounted under full width roller conveyor. Adjustable springs allow for tension to be reduced or increased, in order to better control the rate of flow down the lane.




Benefits of the Mallard Speed Controller:

  • Built to handle capacities from 25-3000 lbs.
  • Function in wet and/or dry environments
  • Manufactured for ambient, cold store and freezer environments to -40 degrees
  • Easy to Install
  • Requires no external power
  • Made to last – tested to 80,000 cycles

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