Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard ManufacturingCandy may come in all shapes and sizes but one Magnum wheel pallet flow system can handle it all.

Cartons stacked low or cartons stacked high… pallet flow rack handles the load. The only thing that can get sticky in this set up is if the cartons are stacked on broken and poor conditioned pallets. That’s a challenge we often warn against, and not just for the effectiveness of the pallet flow rack but for overall warehouse productivity and safety.  Luckily the Mallard in-house engineering testing lab recently prepared sweet test for a candy manufacturer to demonstrate this challenge. Here take a look:

Magnum Wheel Test

Test Criteria
  • 6 pallet loads – Roughly 300 – 2000 lbs.
  • 4 pallets – poor condition/broken & splintered
  • Shrink wrapped cartons
Test Pallet Flow Lane
  • 3-Rail Magnum wheel pallet flow
  • 2.9” diameter wheel
  • 3”/2”/3” centers
  • Drop-in speed controllers
  • 7/16” per foot pitch

Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing

The video shows that despite the weight and pallet type variances of the six different pallets, the pallet flow system works well.  The only hang up is due to broken and splintered pallets.  As the test continues, the test lab engineers replaced the splintered pallets with good quality CHEP pallets, and the hang-up issues are resolved.

The other caution that we will note is the hanging shrink wrap. Never a good idea for so many reasons including the potential to get caught up in the pallet flow system. Taking a lane out of commission reduces productivity and potentially endangers a worker, inventory, and equipment. The shrink wrap should never fall below the pallet.

The lane is pitched at 7/16” per foot to ensure that the wide range of pallet weights will all flow in a controlled manner. Drop-in speed controllers included in the design keep the heavier-weighted pallets from picking up too much speed and also help to keep the pallets centered as they flow.

The wheels are spaced on 3” centers for the outside rails and 2” centers on the center rail to help ensure wheel coverage on the bottom of the pallets given the different types and pallet runner configurations.

Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing

While this test is a success for all the types of palletized material provided, a universal pallet flow systems is not always recommended. To learn more about when it is and is not advised to use a single pallet flow lane design for varied inventory, check out our blog, Universal vs Varied Pallet Flow Configuration.

If you have an inventory storage and distribution question or challenge, give our team a call! Our gravity flow experts are available to offer system component and design advice, and a quote.