full roller pallet flow with entry guides
… With Mallard Pallet Flow Entry Guides

Our job every day is to make your job a little easier.  It might mean providing a quick lead time for your super-tight deadline or creating just the right application design in our in-house testing lab. In many cases, it’s finding ways to make our pallet flow systems help you be even more productive.  Mallard’s simple, cost-effective pallet flow entry guides are a good example.

Added to the charge side (or entry-side) of the system, pallet flow lane guides make your forklift operator’s job a whole lot easier.  Each pallet put-away is quicker and easier with better lane visibility and pallet alignment, increasing productivity and reducing risk for product and equipment damage.

Entry Guides Make Your Job Easier by…

  • Aligning the pallet and load for faster replenishment
  • Helping the pallet track straight and flow consistently for fewer hang-ups
  • Providing a good visual for the lift truck operators, critical at higher elevations
  • Creating a visual distinction between lanes for easier inventory control

Guides can be either top-mounted on the pallet flow lane itself or rack mounted depending on the application.

Shown below are two examples showing guides using full roller, split roller and Magnum Wheel pallet flow lanes. 

Pallet flow guides, pallet flow entry guides