PRoMat Booth
Today was it, our last and final day of a busy week at
MHI’s ProMat 2015. Easily the largest material handling event in the US, ProMat draws close to 40,000 people to Chicago’s McCormick Place for its mega biannual trade show and conference.  This year was no exception – the Mallard booth was buzzing from day one.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

A big area of interest for manufacturers and distributors alike was high-density, case-pick applications.  Challenged with a proliferation of SKUs and space constraints, they looked for options that would both maximize space and create a productive order picking station.  Pallet flow does just that – case selection from the front pallet position with easily accessible, dense reserve storage located directly behind the pick line. There’s just one downside with traditional systems which is the back pressure exerted by the weight of the rear pallets.  Back pressure is 6% of the combined weight of the rear load. Here’s an example.

 5-deep system with 2,500 loads.  Back pressure = .06 x 2,500 lbs. x 4 pallets (5 deep less empty first pallet) =  600 lbs. 

Mallard Latching Separator NEW ThumbnailWe shared this easy, affordable back pressure solution with our ProMat visitors – Mallard’s Latching Separator.  The pallet separator holds and locks all rear pallets at a comfortable 6″- 12″ behind the first pallet, removing all forces.  The order selector can safely remove the empty pallet. Once back in order picking position, he or she can lift the manual pallet release latch to gently flow the 2nd pallet into position.  All remaining pallets are again locked in place behind until engaged for release.



We use floor mounted H-supports vs. traditional pallet rack to support our pallet flow systems with latching separators.  This creates easier access to all cases for picking and better access to flooring beneath the rails for clean-up. H-supports are available at custom heights depending on load size.

Latching sep


Pallet Separator Advantages:

  • Reduce repetitive motion and back injuries
  • Allow operators to remove pallets manually without added back pressure
  • Prevents injuries caused by having to force or kick rear pallets back
  • Saves on insurance by reducing workers compensation claims

Design Considerations:

  • Allow an additional 6″-12″ lane length for separator and gap

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