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Faster, more cost-effective picking. It’s become the Holy Grail of fulfillment centers as the pressures of e-commerce have continued to escalate. This recent application for a major retailer incorporates two of our more popular products into one highly productive combo. See how the simplicity just makes sense and meets the customer’s case picking operational goals.

Pallet Flow Lane Design
  • 3-rail Magnum wheel pallet flow
  • Ergo Cell pneumatic pallet separator
  • Custom entry guides
Empty Pallet Lane Design
  • Split-roller pallet flow single rail
  • Skate wheel mounted sideways to guide and propel pallets

By combining the pallet flow lane and the vertical empty pallet return lane into one smooth system, the case picking operation is kicked into high gear. The area remains clear from clutter and safer for workers. Empty pallets are returned in good condition to be reused or returned while warehouse space is optimized.

The pallets are loaded and flow down to the case pick area where you’ll see the Ergo Cell pneumatic pallet separator. The pop-up separators automatically isolate the front pick face pallet from the rear pallets, keeping it free from the weight of rear pallets pressing down upon it.

It is particularly beneficial in a deep-lane application like this one, where back pressure is even more significant due to the number of rear pallets. Back pressure is calculated as approximately 6% of the combined weight of the rear pallet loads.

For example: In a 5-deep system with each pallet having a 2,500 lb. load the back pressure would be calculated as .06 x 2,500 lbs. x 4 pallets = 600 lbs.
Pneumatic Pop-Up Pallet Separator - Mallard Manufacturing
Keeping the front pallet isolated is the job of pop-up separators that are activated by the control box placed next to the lane. The worker simply presses the button to flow the pallet into the pick position. Cases can be picked safely and quickly from the pallet.

The empty pallet is then placed (on its side) in the return lane and sent down the lane for removal. The worker then presses the button the releases the next pallet to flow into the pick position.

Ergo Cell Separator Advantages
  • Supports ergonomic case picking
  • Eliminates back pressure of rear pallets
  • Isolates empty pallet for easy removal
  • Protects workers from repetitive injuries
  • Cost-effective vs. powered conveyor
Empty Pallet Return System Advantages
  •  Improve pick area efficiency
  • Enhance worker safety
  • Protect pallets from damage
  • Increase restocking efficiency
  • Reduce pick aisle congestion

The lane design is enhanced by the addition of the entry guides at the load end. The entry guides help the forklift operator place the pallets centered within the lane so that they do not skew or get hung-up in the lane.

Could your case picking operation use a boost? We’ve got the creative solutions to help your team achieve your warehousing goals. Give us a call to discuss what gravity flow can do!