When a global automaker recently challenged us with essentially moving dumpster-sized containers of equipment, the Mallard Engineers were happy to give it a shot.  As usual, they developed a  pallet flow rack system that not only moved the containers as needed, but provided several safety features to ensure controlled, consistent flow and safe discharge at the pick aisle.

pallet flow racking separatorHere’s what they had to work with:

  • 300 & 700 lbs. load
  • Container size: 90” x 48” x 33”
  • Inconsistent contact with rollers/bottom runners not completely flat

They built a test system with split roller pallet flow lanes that included drop-in speed controllers to control the flow of the containers and pneumatic separators to safe-guard against back-pressure and isolate the front pallet so that it could easily and safely be transferred from the lane to a waiting cart or fork truck.

Back-pressure is always a concern but with the size of these containers we knew it was something that had to be controlled.  We’ve spoken a lot about back-pressure in pallet flow lanes, but as a refresher; back-pressure is the weight exerted on the front pallet from the rear pallets pushing against it.  We have a full line of pallet separators to handle any pallet flow configuration and in this case the pneumatic separator was the perfect answer.  As an added safety feature this Mallard 500 Pneumatic Separator also includes a failsafe pin to prevent operator error.

Watch the system in action–
Split roller pallet flow with pneumatic pallet separtor:

Test Parameters & Results:

  • ½” per foot lane pitch
  • Rollers on 2” centers
  • Drop-in speed controllers
  • Outer guide rails to control containers from veering out of lane
  • Pneumatic separators ensure containers don’t release to discharge unless pin is in proper position

Container with pneumatic separator2

As you can see in the video, these extra-large containers flowed well in the lane.  As our engineers noted, careful loading (particularly of the heavier container) with the addition of the speed controllers and guide rails will help prevent deflecting.  The pneumatic separator will allow easy transfer of the container to the waiting cart as well as preventing unexpected advancement of rear containers.

Brochure thumnailWe can chalk this up to another successful test from the Mallard Engineering Test Lab, but we don’t want to rest on our laurels, what challenge do you have for us? Let us know and we’ll be happy to design and test a system just right for you.

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