Magnum Pallet Flow Rack Tests Best for Heavy Pet Food Pallets

The Mallard Test Lab was busy recently helping man’s best friend.  Most of us know what it’s like to heft one 40lb bag of pet food, but it’s a different story when you have to store and fulfill thousands of pounds of the stuff… so what’s the best way to handle that?  Well, the Mallard engineers tested several pallet flow racking options to come up with the best solution.  Here’s how things went:
pallet flow racking comparison for heavy pallets

Test # 1 – Steel Skate Wheel Pallet Flow Rack

We first tested Mallard’s steel skate wheel pallet flow; a popular, cost-effective option for applications using light to average pallet loads. This pet food manufacturer had a variety of pallet weights ranging between 1145 to over 2000 lbs. As you’ll see in the video, heavier loads encounter some pallet hang-ups and restart issues. Testing at a slightly increased pitch improved flow, but didn’t eliminate the hang-ups.

Test #2 – Magnum Wheel | Industrial Equivalent Wheel Pallet Flow

Identical loads were tested using Mallard’s Magnum -Industrial Equivalent (IE) Wheel Pallet Flow racking – (the IE wheel is very similar to the Magnum wheel – just a slightly less “beefy”, more affordable version).  The IE pallet flow system performed very well with the full range of pallet loads – no hang-up or restart issues.

Test Parameters:

  • 3 Pallets 1145, 1150 & 2010 lbs.
  • GMA pallets in good condition
  • Varying pallet loads
  • Left overnight to confirm easy restart after sitting

Test Results:

  • Pallets tested better on IE pallet flow rack system vs. the skate wheel system
  • Restart and hang-up issues occurred only on the skate pallet flow
    • Pallet hang-up was resolved quickly using the force of an additional rear pallet in the lane
  • Hanging plastic wrap was a concern causing potential hang-ups in both systems
  • #40 drop-in breaks applied in both systems helped ensure a consistent, safe speed of flow

Damaged Steel Skate Wheel

The photo to the left shows a dramatic example of what can happen if skate wheel is used for the wrong application – persisent loading/dropping of heavy pallets over time caused signifciant wheel surface damage, preventing the wheels from rolling.  The entire skate wheel pallet flow system had to be replaced with durable, abuse resistent Magnum or IE wheel pallet flow.





See our pallet flow rack tests in action..

 Skate Wheel Pallet Flow with Heavy Pallets  Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow for Heavy Pallets